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    About Dongfeng
Yingkou Dongfeng Electrical Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the National High-tech Zone - Yingkou, Liaoning Province High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Unrivaled location, convenient transportation, with the Kazakh road, Binhai Avenue, Shenyang-Dalian Highway. Railway and the railway network and the Northeast, two in Hong Kong advantages of a city known for the world. Yingkou Bayuquan from the factory to Newport about 30 minutes to Yingkou Port is only 10 minutes, the product can be shipped directly to exports. The company's lead product is wound epoxy fiberglass pipe insulation, glass, steel and other insulation products. Products are mainly used for testing transformers, test reactors, power capacitors, transformers, voltage regulators, impulse voltage generator, surge arresters and other power industry sophisticated testing equipment. Produced resistant to acid, alkali
resistant, high temperature high pressure FRP pipe, and other technical indicators and quality products have reached national standards, and supporting a number of petrochemical companies. The company occupies 8,000 square meters, construction area of ​​4,000 square meters. Company talents, strong technical force, the existing staff 66 people, including 24 senior technical staff, industry technical experts, 9, and foreign high-tech companies with good technological exchanges and cooperation. High-tech equipment company dedicated computer control Dongfeng machine, micro-computer numerical control Dongfeng machine, stripping machine, 100T press, 300T press, large diameter, lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, planer, drill press, welder, etc. more than 40 units / sets , and a high frequency voltage test equipment and various test equipment sets. To the fundamental integrity of the enterprise, for the purpose of quality, innovation and responsibility for the complete business solution for many years a number of technical problems, and thus by the user's trust and support. In that scenic Liaohe River, we would like to take the Dongfeng the century, the "Dongfeng insulation," the brand to grow, a total of step with our customers brilliant!
  Yingkou Dongfeng Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.
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